Rules/Tourney Info

18th hole at Battlefield

1. Every player plays every shot – select the preferred shot each time

2. Tournament competition is from the blue tees

3. All shots must be played within 1 foot of the selected shot, no closer to the hole

4. All shots must be played from the same surface as the shot selected. If you have to play out of a hazard (e.g. red staked area, bunker, etc.) all shots must be played from within the hazard (e.g. no hitting from outside the bunker if your ball is only in 2 inches). If the selected ball is 1 inch in the rough, you must play all shots from the rough, etc.

5. No mulligan’s or gimmies; putt everything out

6. Preferred lies for every shot (i.e. you can place the ball each time)

7.  If everyone in your group losses his ball or hits out of bounds, you have to re-hit from the spot in question, with a one stroke penalty

8. If you are not clear on a rule, play according to your best discretion and follow up with Adam or Justin after the round

9. Each player has contributed $5 to a hole-in-one pot. The pot will grow over the years until someone bags an ace, at which point the pot is theirs

10. The tourney is rain or shine. Baring an excessive downpour, lightening or Godzilla attack; play on!

11. Please use the live scoring app .Record your score on the physical card too

12. Long drive/closest to the pin each day will receive a $50 LCBO gift certificate

13. Round 2 tee times contingent upon round 1 scores. Best score goes last. For tie’s, first in/last out policy

14. In the event weather wipes out a full day of play, the tournament results will be based on one day’s play. 9 holes scores will be used if all groups make it through the turn but not all groups finish due to inclement weather

15. If a player drops out unexpectedly just before the tournament his team shall either be given a rotating extra shot per hole (if the player is a 17 handicap or lower); a rotating extra putt per hole (if the player is between a 18-34 handicap); or nothing (if the player is between a 35-40 handicap). Note handicaps are assigned to each player pre-tournament based on assessed/reported skill level and will be utilized in the event of an unexpected player forfeit. Teams will not receive any additional shots in the event players do not show up or miss holes during Round 2

16. All credible golf tournaments have a charity component (we’ll get there – credibility). Everyone has contributed $20 as part of the Scramble pre-payment. The team with the worst 36 hole score that has at least three of its team members present when the final putt in dropped Sunday will get to decide which charity(es) to donate the money too – and keep the tax receipt.


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