2014 Scramble Recap

Scramble 2014 Recap – A testimonial

The 2014 Scramble was the biggest yet – 64 large. Split tee’s were put into affect to manage the crowds. Some guy got hit in the face with a beer. Sloppy Joe or whatever the fuck his name is whipped it off his face by accident (?) We all laughed. But deep down he was hurting something good.

Some highlights:

  • Team Guspie – wow. I have been living The Scramble since before I was born – no one has ever played as well as Chris Guspie. And yes, he will likely have a 40 ‘cap, a homeless man and a corpse this year as teammates. Let’s see him go back to back!
  • Speaking of Guspie, who can forget that 270 3 wood into the wind on 18 last year on Sunday? Even the guys putting he almost killed still speak of it in awe to this day. God damn, Legends might have a statue of this guy out front before he’s good and done with The Scramble
  • The bus ride? The bus ride was fucked. In a good way. I am fairly certain someone will be killed on the bus during the 2015 rendition of The Scramble. Or at least seriously maimed. I suspect when they police interrogate us all, the name “Captain Stabbin” will be referenced more than once
  • One more note on the bus ride – the bus driver. It was literally the highlight of her year to drive us clowns 5 minutes down the road. She spent more time looking in her mirror gawking, than looking at the road. But we always felt safe with her behind the wheel. God bless her and her three teeth.
  • Admit it – you love The Scramble shirt. You wondered why these assholes were forcing you to buy it. Bastards. And yet, it’s not half bad, right? I sleep with mine
  • First team out last year was seen pounding back 4-5 pitchers before they headed out. Aint going to win The Scramble that way lads. But we like your spirit.
  • Adam didn’t get the memo – his team choked in round 1 and shot 5 under on Sunday. That is in stark contrast to his usual Sunday ineptitude. We’re all pulling for ya buddy.
  • Kudos to the boys who literally got kicked out of every single bar they went in/tried to go in about 2am on the Sat night. You da men.
  • To the guy taking that crisis dump on the main floor of Legends on the Sunday morning at approx. 10:47 am – that is some vile shit man. Something is straight wrong. Please see a doctor.
  • Man the weather was so ideal. The Friday was shit, yet blue skies and 25 degrees all weekend for The Scramble. One of these years the weather is going to fuck us hard. I hope it’s not this year. For those of you scoring at home, that’s a reverse, reverse 180 jinx
  • ps – Team Guspie is still the Vegas favourite to take the 2015 Scramble despite the useless 40 cap, homeless man and dead body as his wing men. The Scramble loves itself some Chris Guspie

– Some guy not named Jeff Todd or Dave Norton.

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