The Tournament

The Tournament

When cruel winds doth part for temperate skies, a man’s fancy turns not to the fairer sex, but to the lush fairways and undulating greens of a place god refers to as ‘Legends on the Niagara.’ What fateful events will transpire we can only postulate, but there is no doubt that this greatest of earthly competitions will put all of us – and our bowels – to the ultimate test.

Background to The Scramble – Scramble Lore

There is something that percolates your senses as you step out into the cool, yet refreshing spring air. It infiltrates your very essence; your soul if you will. You can sense it. You can almost feel it. You can’t put your finger on exactly what it is, but it’s out there. What “it” is, is tough to conceptualize for mere humans. But make no mistake – it is out there and it’s waiting. Yes, that’s right “it” is on the horizon. No, this is not an event horizon; quite the opposite in fact.

Before you know it, you will be engulfed in the most intense personal and sporting struggle known to man – The Scramble. Lives will be destroyed, others will be salvaged. For a select few, the ultimate euphoria in life will be realized.

Some say the Sandbagger trophy was hand crafted by Old Tom Morris within a wind-swept hut in the lower plains of the Scottish Highlands. Others still, claim it was created by no man, but has existed since the dawn of time. Regardless of which legendary tale is true, there is only one universal truth – claiming this trophy is the ultimate human accomplishment.

Winning The Scramble is your chance to become a Legend.


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